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Owner and Operator of Iron Pulse, Don Hundley, is a seasoned equipment industry professional with a decade of comprehensive experience in the construction equipment rental, dealership and manufacturer sectors. His passion for construction equipment started in 2013, when he joined a startup construction equipment dealership and rental company as its third corporate employee. In this role, Don was pivotal in steering the company's marketing strategies, business development, and sales operations. His performance was key in supporting the company's growth, expanding from a single location to 20 locations (mostly green field with a few small acquisitions) across the southeastern United States over a period of 7 years. This expansion resulted in substantial sales, rental, parts and service revenues amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars. Throughout his career, which also includes experience at a leading global construction equipment manufacturer, Don has been actively involved with several prominent national construction and equipment industry associations. His roles on state boards, national committees and management of national strategic partnerships, contributed to his deep understanding of the industry and also equipped him with insights into the nationwide challenges our equipment sector faces. ​ Don’s philosophy for success? Simplicity He emphasizes the importance of clear communication about machines and services offered, a well-structured online presence for optimal visibility, responsive online reputation management, and a comprehensive design of technology vital for sales and marketing teams to be more efficient and effective in the field. Sales and marketing need to function as one, not individually. This unified approach has been key to Don’s success and impact in the equipment industry.

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